In addition to unforgettable memories of the Algarve and new water sports experiences, we also want you to take home something which will help you bridge the gap until your next surfing or kite session. Yoga and Pilates are a great choice to harmonise your body, mind and soul. Many water sports professionals, such as Kelly Slater (11x Surf Champion), Kristine Boese (9x kiteboard champion) and Larid Hamilton (Big Wave Surf Legend), have discovered Yoga and Pilates as an optimal balance training.

Improve Your Strength, Flexibility, Coordination and Balance
You will not only improve your strength, flexibility, coordination, balance and breathing volume. The exercises and techniques also help you achieve an increased calmness in stressful situations, as well as assisting in faster recovery and prevention of injuries after an exhausting session on the water.
We offer you a free Yoga session per week which starts every Monday morning, 9 am by the pool.


Sol Sunset Yoga is a unique, guided program including 20 min hike to Lagos’s hidden beach, 45 min Hatha Yoga and 15 min Meditation while the sun is going down. Breathtaking view and magical environment! It is definitely a must to do on your holiday! We are starting our tour with a little hike from Porto de Mós to a hidden spot in Lagos viewpoint surrouned by an amazing cliff view over the sea. The hike starts with an elevation, which is a good warm up for our beautiful Hatha Yoga session watching the sunset over the beach.

The class is a Hatha Yoga-based class that is open to all levels of practice, beginner to advanced. When the sun is setting, there is a magical feeling in the air, the light is changing and another small cycle closes after a busy day. This is the perfect time to practice and remind yourself of the journey of letting go. Come and join us and enjoy the wind in your hair, the sun on your face, the sound of the waves and the smell of the fresh ocean. Please note that the exact time will depend on the sunset and tide. In case you wish to have this program on another day, please contact me and I am sure that we can organize it for you.

*Please bring your yoga mat (if you have) & a little towel, sun cream, water comfortable clothing, appropriate shoes and a pullover.

Remember: „Every Sunset is a sunrise, it all depends on where you stand!”


SUP Yoga is a unique activity which combines a variety of Asanas (adjusted to the level of the group) on a Paddle Board in order to enhance your yoga experience and improve your balance. Our SUP Yoga classes take place in the Salinas lake just outside Lagos. The lake provides us with calm water. In these conditions even harder looking Asanas can be performed on the floating ground.

After the warm-up, the yoga instructor will pick a calm spot and begin the class with focused breathing, Sun Salutations, and some beginner Paddle Board Yoga poses. SUP Yoga classes generally run for an hour and will also incorporate simple fitness exercises, as well as beginner to advanced yoga poses. It can be a delightful way to experience nature and invigorate your Yoga practice.

*Please bring comfortable clothing, which can be wet, hat, a little towel, water and some sun cream. If the time is not good for you, please let us know and we will try to find another time. Minimum 3 participants!


Join us every Friday for a revitalizing outdoor yoga at Batata beach. This is a hatha based class including some dynamic yoga elements in order to strength our core body, stretch out, release stress and just improve our general health at a beautiful environment.

The program is designed for all level yogis, who would like to stay fit during their holiday.

*Please bring your yoga mat (if you have) & a little towel, sun cream, water and comfortable clothing.


Ashtanga yoga is a dynamic, flowing yoga practice that connects breath and movement. Traditional Ashtanga yoga follows the same sequence and series of poses in a precise order, that allows the body to realign and detoxify. Similar to other vinyasa forms, ashtanga is based on sun salutations, and is often referred to as a gymnastic practice. The first sequence is known as the Primary Series and focuses on building foundational strength and flexibility, including forward bends, twists and hip openers.

The breath is counted so all students flow through the sequence at the same pace. The teacher may also perform adjustments and provide vocal cues to help students in their alignment and their understanding of each asana. One of the main goals of Ashtanga is to have consistent practice, whether you have a good, hard or anything-in-between day. Roll out your mat and let your breath guide you and find meditation in your motion.

*Please bring your yoga mat (if you have) & a little towel, sun cream, water and comfortable clothing.


Vinyasa means breath synchronised movement and has its roots in Ashtanga Yoga. Vinyasa is a much more accessible practice of yoga for beginners because it does not follow any present sequence and lets the instructor dictate the level of the class through varied sequences. It exposes you to many fundamental poses, providing a general overview of yoga asana or postures.
Vinyasa Yoga is also a great workout and improves energy levels while promoting relaxation and lowering stress levels.

*Please bring your yoga mat (if you have) & a little towel, sun cream, water and comfortable clothing.


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Type of Yoga Free Yoga

Sunset Yoga (hatha)

Salinas SUP Yoga/Yoga

Sunset Yoga (hatha)

Beach Yoga (Hatha) Ashtanga/Vinyasa Yoga Ashtanga/Vinyasa Yoga
Time 9:00

18:30 (might be changing according to the sunset)

8:00 (TBC)

18:30 (might be changing according to the sunset)

By: 8:00 TBC (min 3 people) TBC (min 3 people)
Location Camp Porto Mós Wake Salinas/Camp Porto Mós Praia da Batata Wake Salinas/Camp  Wake Salinas/Camp
Price Free 20€ 35€/ 15€ 20€ 15€ 15€ 15€