Kitesurfing in Algarve Watersport


Kite Camp

At our kitesurf camp in the Algarve in Portugal, you live and celebrate with other kite and water sports enthusiasts from all over the world.


Kite School

Learn kitesurfing with us and the safe spot. We offer various types of lessons to help you progress, no matter if you are a beginner or advanced rider.


Kite Rental

Kitesurf Rental Equipment our clients can choose from a variety of kites from Cabrinha and Shinn boards. Go and check our rental!

Happy kitesurfing in Lagos.


At the Kite House, you can learn kiteboarding in workshops”, guided by experienced and certified kite instructors in daily training course. Small groups guarantee lots of fun and a steep learning curve. You will be equipped with modern kite gear from the likes of North, Cabrinha, Shin and Billabong. Our instructors take pride in their work and will guide you to achieve your personal learning goal.

After a successful day on the water, you can share your fantastic kitesurfing adventures with other water sports enthusiasts by the pool or at the “Baraka-Bar”, our Surf Bar at the kitesurf camp.
Before your arrival, the kitesurf lessons and the stay at the Kite House in a double-bed room, dorm or bungalow can be booked online on our website.


You want to go kiteboarding in Portugal, but you still don´t know at which place to stay and where to ride? The Algarve in the south of Portugal offers perfect conditions for kiteboarder and soon-to-be-kiters! Our Kite Camp – “The Kitehouse”, located above Meia Praia Beach and walking distance to the center of Lagos, is the perfect place for you if you want to become a Kiteboarder and hang out with kiters and other watersport enthusiasts from around the world! Only a few minutes away from the camp, you will find perfect wind conditions and shallow, flat water at the lagoon Ria do Alvor. This Kitespot was shaped by the Atlantic Ocean like it had kiteboarding in mind. A unique kite area for both beginners and advanced kite surfers visiting Portugal!


The kitesurf lagoon Ria do Alvor, located between Lagos and Alvor offers great conditions to learn and practice kitesurfing for beginners – experienced kiteboarders can just as well pursue their self-defined learning goals in an individual kite course. The southern region of Portugal is characterised by the strong Portuguese Nortada wind. The wind is funnelled in between Lagos and the Serra de Monchique and reaches our kitespot, the Ria do Alvor with an average of 20 knots, making it one of the best kitespots of Portugal. The shallow and warm water invites you to practice easily and safe your first kite rides, but crazy handle-passing, kite-looping moves can be trained as well in the lagoon.

Depending on the tides, the knee- to waist high water with pleasant temperatures makes it easy to learn and practice kitesurfing! Especially beginners, but also advanced kiteboarders appreciate the kite conditions at the Ria do Alvor at the end of the Meia Praia beach. This is due to the fact that sand banks, spread around the lagoon, make the kite area a safe and easy-learning place for kitesurfing at the Algarve.


It is a fact that kitesurfing depends on the wind. Fortunately, our kite school & camp is located by the lagoon which is blessed with the strong Portuguese Nortada wind. Due to temperature differences, the thermal wind arises and gets accelerated by the surrounding Serra de Monchique, a chain of mountains in the western part of the Algarve.

Between June and August, it accomplishes wind speeds between 15 to 25 knots in the afternoon and offers excellent wind conditions for kitesurfers of every level – even when there is no wind in other parts of the Algarve! The Ria do Alvor, our kite teaching lagoon is one of the best kitespots in Portugal!


Step into the future of watersport!
Hydrofoiling or foil kiteboarding is the new exciting type of kitesurfing. A hydrofoil extends below the surface into the water. This design allows the board to rise above the surface of the water while riding seeming like the kiteboarder is hovering above the water, leaving first time spectators perplexed.

Foiling is a completely new sensation and next to kiteboarding can be adapted to surf, windsurf and sup boards. Our instructors are happy to get advanced kiters up and riding on this futuristic board which allow you to hover above the ocean Challenging at the beginning even for seasoned kite pros you will find the benefits of kiteboarding tempting once you watched a foil kiter.

Silent and effortless high speed glides even in very light winds!