Water Man Camp


The definition of a water man (or water woman, the term is not gender specific) is a person with a broad understanding of the ocean and nature and with great skills to handle a variety of water sport equipment in different conditions. A water man feels at home in the sea.

Our water man camp lets you experience a different watersport everyday. Surfing, kiteboarding, windsurfing, wakeboarding and SUP. Broadening your knowledge of watersport skills and knowledge.

Since becoming a water man takes a life time of passion and dedication, it would be ridiculous to suggest we will turn you into a water man in a week long camp. Hopefully, the camp will offer participants the foundation to pursue their water man goals.

Our intention in the Water Man Camp is rooted in our Algarve Watersport philosophy: Always Action Guaranteed!

Mother nature is not predictable. Some days the waves are barrelling, other days, they’re just mush. Some days the wind will be gusting, on others, non existent. Some days the sun will be glorious, on other days, obscured by cloud. The skill of a real water man is to pull out the right water sport equipment at the right time to enjoy what mother nature throws at them. That might be a surfboard, a kite, a windsurf sail, sup board, wakeboard, boat or a hydrofoil. Being able to adapt to the ocean, nature and weather conditions and having fun is what makes a great water man.

Seeing the ocean as an always changing playground with countless possibilities and using this playground respectfully and flexibly.