Christmas is just around the corner and every year we stumble over the same question of “what to get our loved ones?” Finding a gift for someone which is personal and emotional is what some marriages even break up on.

We have the perfect gift for you!
Can it get more personal than giving away a HOLIDAY?

It is also waaaay more valuable as the usual socks (even if they are handmade) or anything material as the memories of your holiday will stay with you forever.
It further means to spend some quality time with your love, buddies or family as also YOU can join the chance to explore more of the world.
And not just the world, but learning a new sport in our breathtaking nature is probably the best and healthiest thing you can do.

Especially after this crazy year of 2020 don’t you too have ants in the pants for some new adventures?
We are looking forward to whatever 2021 will bring and we give you the chance to anticipate your next holiday already for Christmas with our newly designed Vouchers for any sport or camp!

You can either choose the sport or camp – surf, kite, windsurf, yoga, MTB, wake, SUP if you know what the gifted likes.
But sometimes even if you know their bucket list it is hard to make a choice
With our value vouchers you can choose the amount to contribute to their trip, and they get to pick the sport and dates. For the following vouchers we are even giving away some goodies to make it a “real” present:

For every voucher of 100€, we are sending you an Algarve Watersport T-Shirt
For every voucher of 300€, we are sending you an Algarve Watersport Cap
For every voucher of 500€, we are sending you an Algarve Watersport Bottle
For every voucher of 1000€, we are sending you an Algarve Watersport Hoodie

We are looking forward to collect some memories with you next year and we are sure you are going to win over your giftee with the best present ever given :)!