Kitesurfing and surfing are challenging water sports requiring much skill and practice. However, they are different regarding the techniques and equipment used, and it’s difficult to say whether one is inherently “harder” than the other. From our experience, learning to kitesurf is different from all the other spots because it connects many skills into one sport.
Surfing might seem more rewarding at first, as catching the first wave on the white water is relatively easy, but the learning curve gets little steeper.
Kitesurfing is the opposite. Controlling the kite seems very hard initially, but with time and instructions, it gets very intuitive. It’s very beneficial for kitesurfing to practice other board sports, especially wakeboarding and snowboarding, as the board’s feeling is very similar.
Both sports are very fun; in both cases, it’s all about learning through fun and experiencing nature’s beauty. We recommend everyone to try both of them :)